Her Sport

Founders: Niamh Tallon
Number of Staff: 8
Start Date: 2019-11-09
Tell us what your business does?
Her Sport is Ireland’s only media platform dedicated to women in sport. Her Sport was founded due to a clear underrepresentation of women’s sport in the media. Her Sport creates content around breaking news, exclusive interviews and relevant topics to inspire, educate and support women in sport. Her Sport has built a loyal community that are passionate about what we do. From a commercial perspective, Her Sport offers businesses the opportunity to connect with our unique audience.
Where did the idea for your business come from?
There was a clear gap in the market with just 4% of sports media coverage is given to women, even though they make up 40.6% of the participants in Irish sport. Without airtime and coverage female athletes lose out on sponsorship, fans and opportunities. By the age of 14, girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys. We created the business to make change and create opportunities for girls and women.
Have you always wanted to run your own business?
What planning did you do before you started up?
Her Sport was initially a project, as we explored the opportunities, establishing if there was an audience interested in the content we were creating. As we built the digital following and our web views increased, we investigated the commercial opportunities including revenue streams and potential partnerships.
Which entrepreneurs do you admire?
My dad
What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
Start ups are often under resourced with time and budget. We use our time as effectively as possible in creating quality content and generating revenue, which we can then use to fund more projects and add team members. We continue to remind ourselves where we started from. As well as this, it is impossible to know everything related to the business and industry, so we seek advice from those with more experience.
How have you promoted your business?
Her Sport operates in a digital landscape and is lucky to be able to reap the benefits of social media. We promote our business through this and while promoting athletes on our channels, they in turn raise brand awareness of Her Sport via their channels.
Where do you see the business in 3 years’ time?
We see the Her Sport brand awareness as high in Ireland and growing internationally. We intend to have a larger team, creating more unique and stimulating content, while also generating more revenue.
What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?
Seek advice and learn from others. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – most people are happy to offer some advice. Establish if there is genuine interest in your product – if it’s something you are passionate about but there isn’t a market for the product, it’s not going to work.

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